Luxurious, durable hospitality linen.

With more than a third of your life spent in bed, sheets play a big part in how well you sleep. High-quality sheets play a part in how warm you are during a cool night or how cool you stay on warm nights. Cotton remains the gold standard of sheet fibres.

We conducted much research with regards to what linen was the best for hotels and guest houses in terms of comfort, durability, laundering and value for money.

200T percale 40’x40’ yarn is the best for the following reasons:

It is not true that the higher the thread count the better the quality!  Quality depends on the yarn used.  Yarns start at 40 (thickest) to 120 (finest) 40’ X 40’ is perfect to create a crisp cotton sheet light enough for hot weather conditions.  For winter weather you are covered with the use of duvets.  Higher thread count gives a softer finish but is not as durable and difficult to launder.

Percale is woven with each warp thread over one weft thread, then under the next warp thread, the over the next weft thread, continuing across the fabric. This one-over-one under weave produces a strong fabric.  The threads that are woven to make the fabric determine the strength and thickness of the fabric.  Thicker threads produce thicker fabric stronger than fabrics produced with thin threads.  The thread count represents the number of threads used per square inch in the chosen weave.

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